Andre Onana – The Goalkeeper Gloves That He Chose

Andre Onana is starting to come into his own, after a shaky start to life in Manchester.

We are slowly starting to see the performances that earnt him his plaudits, and got him to the Champions League final last year.

Onana currently has the second most clean sheets in the Premier League and is looking more assured between the sticks every week.

But what gloves does the Cameroonian trust at the highest level?

Answer – Rinat’s NKAM PRO

This model is made entirely to Andre Onana’s liking, who chose the construction, cut, and type of latex.

After several weeks of joint work between the goalkeeper and the brand, this was the glove that was decided…


The construction of this glove is lightweight, with just the right amount of protection.

Andre Onana - His Rinat Goalkeeper Gloves

Breathex material is used in the body of the glove which provides a perfect fit, high levels of comfort, and of course, great breathability.

Rubber inserts are utilised in the main impact areas of the glove, to give that extra protection in the areas where it is needed most.


The formidable Roll Finger is the cut of choice here, in a version that was developed especially for Andre!

The latex of the palm almost completely wraps all the fingers, giving a larger surface area for gripping the ball.

This style only adds to its highly comfortable nature!


Rinat’s German AXG Formula latex takes this glove to that elite level.

Top grip, good resistance, and excellent performance. This latex is designed to thrive in even the most adverse conditions!


Onana went for a more modern approach in this part of the glove, with a strapless closure.

High comfort is a reoccurring theme on this model, and the closure is not an exception.

An elastic cuff offers practicality and a secure fit, so that there are no distractions when the shots are coming your way.

The NKAM PRO is currently available in three different colourways, including the Blue/Navy style which is worn by the man himself!

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