Using Glove Wash And Glove Deodoriser As Goalkeeping Essentials

Taking care of your gloves after every use is the most essential step in order to increase the glove’s life. Used gloves have unimaginable bacteria and odour that needs to be removed to get that fresh glove feeling every time you wear them for a match.

Glove wash and glove deodorisers are the two goalkeepers’ glove essentials that can help in glove maintenance after every use. Just Keepers has a wide range of these products to help you select the perfect glove wash and glove deodoriser. By using these essentials regularly, you can prevent the bad odour from building up and also help your pair of gloves to get back to optimal conditions to use in your upcoming game.

Glove Wash

The gloves you wear after a game gather dirt, odour, bacteria, and a whole host of other unwanted things. Anyhow, washing them will only make them appear clean, but in reality, they won’t be. Glove wash is what is always recommended to help you remove the sweat and dirt from your gloves properly.

There are different brands of glove wash for your gloves. Make sure to read the user instructions before using the glove wash. This will help you to make optimal use of the glove wash and use it correctly without damaging your gloves. Just Keepers has the perfect glove wash brands you can use.

There are premium glove wash brands like ONE Glove Rescue Wash, Kaliaaer Re: Charge glove wash, Reusch, Keep EM CLEAN Foama glove wash, Wash and Prepare glove wash, Stanno, GloveGlu and many others available at Just Keepers.

Remember to keep your latex foam clean to help you keep your gloves durable and increase their gripping ability. Protect your gloves from damage by using only professional high-end glove wash.

Glove Deodorisers

Glove deodorisers ensures that your gloves remain bacteria-free by removing bad odours from them. The glove deodoriser can be used after your gloves have been washed. They are available in powder and spray forms that can be applied to gloves and placed inside them.

Glove deodorisers help to absorb moisture from your gloves. Deodorisers can also be used for your glove kit and glove bags or any other place you keep your gloves. They help absorb the moisture and remove bacteria and bring back the soothing smell to your gloves just as they were new.

Just Keepers offers natural and recyclable glove deodorisers made from non-toxic materials like bamboo charcoal which can be reactivated by just placing the pouches in the sun and can be used for as long as one year. Glove deodorisers are available in pouch and spray form to suit your needs. Ultimately, glove deodorisers and glove wash are essential to keeping your gloves clean and fresh after use. Using these essentials will help to extend glove life and protect your gloves from bacteria, dirt and keep them smelling fresh for every game you play.

Breaking In Your Goalkeeper Gloves – The Glove Activating Process

There is no substitute for good quality gloves. Professionally, it is not enough to buy a pair of gloves and wear them at an important match. As suggested by many glove companies in their care instructions, washing your new pair of goalkeeping gloves should be your first step after buying them. There is a certain amount of stiffness and rigidity in the new pair of gloves that needs to be removed in order to achieve that glove-hand comfort level.

When breaking in a new pair of gloves, it might seem like a time-consuming task. Nevertheless, glove breaking is imperative if you want the gloves to be more comfortable. Additionally, a well-fitted and comfortable pair of gloves will enhance your performance in matches.

How Do You Treat New Goalkeeper Gloves?

Once you have the new pair of goalkeeper gloves for your game, the first thing you need to do is start the glove-breaking process. There are a few steps involved in this, which is the reason many amateur players try to cut short the process by not following the measures. It is important to understand how a perfectly fitted glove works. Below are the steps to help you break your new gloves for a comfortable fit.

The first step is to wash the gloves in warm water. This will help in activating the glove grip by making it softer and more flexible. Make sure to remove the excess water and dry the gloves at room temperature by avoiding direct sunlight.

To begin with you can even dampen the gloves and leave them for around 15 minutes. You can even make a fist with your hands to help the glove take the shape of your hands. Keep wearing the gloves in your training sessions so that they reach the perfect grip on match day.

What Is The Fastest Way To Break A Glove?

There is no such thing as a fast way to help you break your goalkeeping gloves. There are some brands available that don’t require more time for the breaking process since they are soft and flexible. The only thing you need to do is wear them and get them adjusted to your fingers and palms.

The breaking process, however, is required for gloves that lack the necessary flexibility to achieve the optimal level of hand-glove comfort.

Do All Gloves Need To Follow The same Glove Breaking Process?

Not really! Every glove brand is different and these brands make gloves with different sizes, materials and thicknesses. Once you select your pair of gloves and wear those, you will understand whether or not your grip is natural or the new pair of gloves is becoming a hindrance. In this case, the glove-breaking process is required to help you get your natural grip with the new pair of gloves.

How Do You Break In Gloves Naturally?

Wearing gloves during practice games is the most natural way to break-in the gloves. Wearing gloves and moving your fingers and palms as you would in a match is another way to make your glove flexible. As time passes, this will make the glove more flexible.

Hopefully this article has helped you with a basic understanding of the glove-breaking in process. Refer to our glove care guide for information on how to clean your gloves after use and why glove bags are required to store them.

A Quick Guide To Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves


It comes as no surprise that fingersave gloves offer protection from accidents, and are favoured by goalkeepers suffering from injuries. When returning from a medical condition,  goalkeepers look to protect their fingers during practice or a game using fingersave gloves. It is common for young goalkeepers to wonder if wearing fingersave gloves is a good idea or not. We hope this article will help you find an answer to your question.

What Is A Fingersave In Goalkeeper Gloves?

The fingersave feature in a glove helps protect the goalkeeper’s fingers by increasing their protection level. The fingersave glove usually has spines on each finger except the thumb and can be easily removed. Goalkeepers are less likely to sustain injuries when they wear their fingersave gloves.

Although fingersave gloves provide this protection, not all goalkeepers are comfortable wearing them. This is due to the fact that it limits finger movements as the spines inserted in the gloves do not have any flexibility.

Due to their sturdiness, most goalkeepers only use fingersave gloves at specific times in their careers. Even though it all depends on the goalkeeper’s comfort level, here are a few reasons why fingersave gloves can be used by goalkeepers.

When To Wear Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves

Fingersave gloves are generally preferred by goalkeepers recovering from injuries. Fingersave gloves are also worn by new and young goalkeepers, just entering the game at the beginner level until they get a good understanding of the goalkeeper’s game and know how to handle the ball without getting hurt.

It is entirely up to each individual whether or not they choose to wear fingersave gloves, but we recommend using them after an injury for a while. If kids are just starting with the game, they should only use fingersave to a limited extent, so that they don’t get habituated to a particular type, and stay with their natural game.

To make sure that the game goes on even in situations where you feel the slightest discomfort or pain, you should always have a pair of fingersave gloves in your game kit.

The Best Option For Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves At Just Keepers!

Now that you know when to wear fingersave gloves, it’s important to always get the best quality to experience what the pros do. There are a variety of fingersave glove options available at Just Keepers in the UK. Our collection of fingersave gloves includes those worn by professionals. Below is a list of fingersave goalkeeper gloves from Just Keepers that you can consider to suit your requirements.

  • Adidas predator PRO fingersave goalkeeper gloves, made with a blend of recycled and renewable materials with silicone high-definition grip elements on their knit backhand along with extended latex grip on thumb and fingersave spines.
  • Adidas predator PRO PROMO fingersave gloves with silicon high-definition grip elements on their knit backhand to ensure precise clearances without sacrificing flexibility. These pair of gloves have a negative cut, URG 1.0 PRO grade latex, mesh gussets between fingers, extended latex grip on the thumb and fingersave spines.
  • Adidas predator edge fingersave PRO PROMO Neg, strapless, having a high grip, negative cut with anatomical flex zones, zone skin on fingers and backhand, URG 1.0, and spines.

If you are looking for more options with fingersave gloves, get in touch with us and get more information on products related to goalkeeping.

Goalkeeper Gloves Latex Types

A goalkeeping glove’s grip, control, durability, and protection levels are significantly influenced by the latex type. Goalkeeper gloves are made using different types of latex. A player’s game level and climatic conditions determine which latex gloves are the best to suit their needs. Latex thickness varies from glove to glove. There is a general range of thickness between 3 and 4 mm for latex. Some gloves use thicker latex, such as 6 mm. However, many professionals do not consider such thick latex gloves.

To select a goalkeeper’s glove that meets your needs, let us understand what latex is and what its different types are.

What Is Latex In Goalkeeper Gloves?

Latex is a layer used on the palm of goalkeeping gloves. When it comes to gripping and controlling the ball, the type and thickness of the latex play an important role.

The palm of a goalkeeper’s glove is the first thing that a goalie would consider before buying a pair of goalkeeping gloves. A soft latex will help you feel the ball much better in comparison to a thick latex glove. Conversely, thicker latex gloves will be more durable than thinner ones and will provide more protection.

Due to the variety of latex gloves available on the market, choosing the perfect pair of goalie gloves with the correct latex type can be difficult.

Here’s how we make it easy for you.

What Are The Different Goalkeeper Glove Latex Types

Goalkeeping latex gloves can be classified as below:

‘Contact Latex’ type, best suited to dry weather conditions. Wet weather conditions are also suitable for it, but its effectiveness is less when compared to the ‘Cyclone Latex’. Additionally, it has good durability.

‘Cyclone Latex’ type is best suited to wet weather conditions. This is equally durable when compared to ‘Contact latex’.

‘Mega Grip Latex’ type, is somewhat suitable for dry weather but not that good when compared to ‘Contact Latex’ and ‘Cyclone Latex’. The durability is also the lowest when compared to other latex types.

‘Giga Grip Latex’ type is an option when you are looking for a multi-weather pair of goalkeeper gloves that suits dry and wet weather and has good durability.

‘Supersoft Latex’ type, has a good grip, and does well with dampening conditions but is less sticky as compared to other latex types. This latex type also lacks good durability.

‘Quartz+ Latex’ type is an excellent all-around durable latex. Provides a good grip and works well in both dry and wet conditions.

Choosing The Right Latex Goalkeeper Gloves

The above types of latex have been listed for you to compare with what most suits you and your climatic conditions. In choosing the correct latex type for your GK gloves, keep in mind that soft latex will give a better grip on a ball, hard latex will provide more durability, thin latex will help to control the ball better, and the thickness of the latex determines the level of protection.

You can select your pair of goalkeeper gloves based on grip, control, durability and protection.

Just Keepers offers a variety of goalkeeping gloves with different latex types used by professionals. Get in touch with us today to buy your perfect pair of gloves.

A Goalkeeper’s Guide to Beating the Cold Weather

A Cold Weather Guide for Goalkeeper’s – During the Winter months, the goalkeeping position can not only be the loneliest, but the coldest position on the pitch.

Whilst other players are constantly on the move, a goalkeeper can often be static for large portions of a match, making the cold their worst enemy.

We’ve put together an ultimate guide for gloves, accessories & equipment to help you tackle these harsh winter months!

Neck Warmers/Snoods

These are undoubtedly an essential when it comes to Winter training. Whilst the main function of the snood is to provide that extra bit of warmth, they can also play a role in preventing muscle strains/injuries in the neck.

We offer a wide range of neck warmers at Just Keepers, with the Keeper iD collection being particularly popular. Jordan Pickford, Kasper Schmeichel and even Mario Balotelli are just some of the many pro’s that have trusted our snoods over the years. The Keeper iD options are also available with free personalisation!

Beanies/Bobble Hats

Whether you are warming up or even just training, a beanie or bobble hat is ideal for keeping your head and ears toasty. From Nike to Uhslport, we have plenty of options to meet your needs.

Baselayer Tops/Leggings

Perfect for both training and matches, base layers are a must have for goalkeepers. Made for high performance, they can add that vital extra layer of warmth, whilst also allowing for ventilation. Brands such as Under Armour use fast-drying technology to ensure the best performance in wet conditions as well.

Hand Warmers

Reusch & Hot Hands each have their own take on the hand warmer. These small pads are activated by air to provide hours of safe, natural heat. Each one is single use and takes no longer than 30 minutes to warm up, ideal for both goalkeepers and spectators!

Dryzone Inner Glove

Combining their knowledge of goalkeeping and skiing, Reusch have delivered a fantastic product for number one’s. Their Dryzone Inner Glove is made to be worn under your goalkeeper gloves to offer an extra layer of protection from the extreme weather conditions. These are definitely worth trying out!

Cold Weather Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch Attrakt Gold X GORE-TEX INFINIUM

Cold Weather Goalkeeper Gloves

Including an inner fleece lining, this Reusch model boasts a 3 layer GORE-TEX INFINIUM base material. Labelled as 100% coldproof, the unique construction offers full protection from the wind & most adverse weather conditions.


Cold Weather Goalkeeper Gloves

New and improved for 2023, HO Soccer unveiled their Winter Fleece model. This special Winter edition utilises thicker, substantial materials in the body to give greater comfortability and warmth.

Keeper ID Personal Negative Wind Block

Cold Weather Goalkeeper Gloves

Using Wind Block technology, this glove guarantees to keep your hands warm and ready for action. The Wind Block Membrane runs throughout the whole of the glove and finger gussets for absolute windproofness.

Precision Fusion_X.3D Pro Negative Contact

Cold Weather Goalkeeper Gloves

Precisions answer to beating the freeze is their Fusion_X.3D model. Similar to some of the other gloves on this list, Precision utilises an ultimate wind stopper underhand fabric to keep the breeze at bay.

These are just some of the Winter gloves we have available. For the full range of cold weather gloves, check out our website below!

Shop all the latest goalkeeper gloves from all the major brands, at Just Keepers. We offer the best range of goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper clothing and goalkeeper essentials anywhere in the world.

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2022 World Cup Goalkeeper Gloves

New World Cup. New goalkeeper gloves. We decided to take a look at what each brand had to offer this year and the keepers that would showcase them at Qatar 2022!

adidas ‘Al Rihla’ Pack

Named after the 2022 World Cup ball, the ‘Al Rihla’ pack delivers vibrant graphics with a pearlescent finish. Bringing fresh looks for both the Predator & X models, this latest release from Adidas is really an eye-catcher.

Manuel Neuer (Germany) and Emiliano Martinez (Germany) are two of the most notable keepers to don the new colour way, both with their own SMU versions of the Predator glove.

AB1 UNDICI BIANCO World Cup Edition

Worn by Serbia number one, Vanja Milinković-Savić, AB1 gave us a special World Cup version ‘Undico Bianco’.

The Undici collection combines the latest developments in design, fabrics and production techniques to deliver an elite level glove. As a relatively new brand to the goalkeeper glove scene, Vanja became the first keeper to wear Begovic’s brand on the World stage.

Nike ‘Generation Pack’

Inspired by the next generation of goalkeepers who are taking the game to new heights, Nike unveiled the ‘Generation Pack’. Consisting of a metallic copper look, we saw new designs for the Vapor Grip, Phantom Elite, Mercurial Touch & more.

Both Belgium’s Courtois & Brazil’s Alisson opted for their usual Vapor Grip models at Qatar 2022.

Uhlsport Speed Contact ‘Blue Edition’

Uhlsport updated their colourway for the Speed Contact range from Orange to Blue for their World Cup endorsees. The German brand also included a new limited edition Pure Flex model in this new collection.

Rising to the big occasion in Qatar was Morocco star, Yassine Bounou who stuck with his Uhlsport Absolutgrip’s throughout the tournament.

Reusch ‘Desert Bloom’ Pack

In reference to flowers blooming on sandy grounds, Reusch’s ‘Desert Bloom’ pack was born. Featuring 8 new models as well as the introduction of their brand new AdaptiveFlex system, Reusch did not fail to deliver. This was reflected at Qatar 2022, as they were the most represented brand at this years World Cup!

You would have seen the likes of Hugo Lloris, Wojciech Szczęsny & Unai Simón all wearing their own unique models at the tournament. These models however were missing the famous Reusch logo on the backhand due to advertising restrictions.

Puma ‘Fearless’ Pack

Promoting being yourself and staying loyal to your own style, philosophy, and freedom, Puma brought us the fearless pack.

England number one, Jordan Pickford went with his signature SMU ULTRA Grip model in the new vibrant colour way. Fellow Puma endorsees Yann Sommer & Ederson each had their own SMU versions of the FUTURE glove.

Which was your favourite release?

Let us know by connecting with us on our socials!

Shop all the latest goalkeeper gloves from all the major brands, at Just Keepers. We offer the best range of goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper clothing and goalkeeper essentials anywhere in the world.

All of our products are hand picked to offer you all the products you need all in one place. Remember we are the original online goalkeeper specialists…

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England Goalkeeper Quiz

Jordan Pickford started in his 3rd successive major tournament for England yesterday as they beat Iran 6-2.

This was England’s biggest ever win in an opening game, as Southgate’s side will be hoping to go one step further this year in Qatar.

Pickford will be likely to feature again on Friday for the Three Lions, who face USA in their second group fixture.

Can you name every England goalkeeper to start in the opener of a major tournament since 2000?

Did you get all of them?

Let us know by connecting with us on our socials!

Shop all the latest goalkeeper gloves from all the major brands, at Just Keepers. We offer the best range of goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper clothing and goalkeeper essentials anywhere in the world.

All of our products are hand picked to offer you all the products you need all in one place. Remember we are the original online goalkeeper specialists…

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Goalkeeper Glove Technology – New for 2022!

Goalkeeper Glove Technology 2022 – In previous years we’ve had the likes of Adidas’ Demonskin, Reusch’s SpeedBump & Uhlsport’s Supergrip. The list goes on…

With the technology constantly evolving, we decided to take a look at some of our favourite innovations in the world of goalkeeping gloves so far this year.


Uhlsport introduced their new HYPERFLEX palm earlier this year with the intention of providing more flexibility in the hand.

This is done by the addition of a split in the middle of the palm. The inclusion of this guarantees improved levels of flexibility and also adds a more natural feel. By combining this with the half negative cut, it makes for a very comfortable, close fitting glove. But the Flex Cut technology does not stop there!

The latex above the cut comprises of Uhlsport’s famous Supergrip+, to offer high levels of grip where it is needed most. Below the cut is their Absolutgrip foam, which is used to provide more cushioning & durability in the ‘heel’ of the hand.

Reusch GluePrint

On the other hand, Reusch delivered a unique take on the super sticky palm with their ‘GluePrint’ range.

This new technology for 2022 features a strategically placed special sticky print on the palm. Due to the precise positioning of the ink, the print covers the areas of the palm that get into most contact with the ball when saving shots. Like with many high performance foams, Reusch state that the GluePrint will wear away.

But worry not, this is where the inclusion of the Attrakt Gold X latex kicks in, to continue offering high levels of grip.

One Glove Impact 1.0 Palm

Lastly, we have the brand new i1 palm which was engineered exclusively for ONE!

In most cases, when choosing goalkeeper gloves you must decide whether you want to prioritise grip or durability. However, the team at One Glove have tried to tackle this issue with the introduction of their latest palm technology. The impact 1.0 palm aims to provide the perfect balance between the two.

“This glove is the go-to choice for any keeper playing on a harder surface that still wants reliable grip”.

Which release has been your favourite so far this year?

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Shop all the latest goalkeeper gloves from all the major brands, at Just Keepers. We offer the best range of goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper clothing and goalkeeper essentials anywhere in the world.

All of our products are hand picked to offer you all the products you need all in one place. Remember we are the original online goalkeeper specialists…

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TOP 10 – Most Clean Sheets in 2021/22

Most Clean Sheets

Most Clean Sheets in Europe’s Top 5 Leagues With the 2021/22 season officially over, we took a look at the goalkeepers in Europe’s top 5 leagues who proved the hardest to beat!

10 – Edouard Mendy (14)

After another solid season with Chelsea, Edouard Mendy makes the top 10. His performances both on the domestic & international stage proved that he is still one of the best in world football.

Mendy’s Gloves

9. Gerónimo Rulli (14)

Rulli played a key part in Villarreal’s spectacular Champions League journey, which saw his side make the semi final of the competition. His performances in La Liga also helped his team to achieve European football for another year.

Rulli’s Gloves

8. Rui Patrício (15)

Like Rulli, Patrício has also enjoyed his time in Europe this year, becoming the first goalkeeper to lift the Europa Conference League trophy. The Portuguese keeper proved to be a vital cog in Mourinho’s side this season, and will no doubt be in his plans for the next.

Patrício’s Gloves

7. Samir Handanovic (15)

At 37 years old, Handanovic is the oldest keeper to make the top 10. Whilst he would have been gutted to narrowly miss out on the Serie A title, it was not all doom and gloom for the veteran keeper. Despite disappointment in the league, Handanovic tasted success in the Coppa Italia by overcoming Allegri’s Juventus.

Handanovic’s Gloves

6. Hugo Lloris (16)

Spurs skipper, Hugo Lloris will be happy on both a personal and collective note with how the 2021/22 season went. The French number one was instrumental in pipping rivals, Arsenal to the coveted 4th place.

Lloris’ Gloves

5. Thibaut Courtois (16)

At number 5 on the list is none other than Thibaut Courtois. By coasting to a third La Liga title, the Belgian proved why he is somewhat of a household name in the world of goalkeeping. Courtois will not be satisfied yet though, as he will still have hopes of lifting the Champions League this weekend.

Courtois’ Gloves

4. Mike Maignan (17)

Maignan now boasts successive title wins in Ligue 1 with Lille, and now Serie A with AC Milan. Wherever the French keeper goes, success seems to follow, which is why he is now being recognised as one of the elite talents in Europe.

Maignan’s Gloves

3. Álex Remiro (19)

Remiro is a name that may have gone under the radar for many people, but his 19 clean sheets this season earn him a top 3 spot. Finishing 6th with Real Sociedad also means that he will take to the European stage next year.

Remiro’s Gloves

2. Ederson (20)

It comes as no surprise to see Ederson make the top 2 in this list, with a remarkable 20 clean sheets! Tied with fellow Brazilian Alisson, Ederson helped himself to a third successive Golden Glove award and a fourth Premier League title.

Ederson’s Gloves

1. Alisson (20)

Whilst Ederson may have won the battle of the Brazilians in the Premier League, Alisson managed to get his hands on both the Carabao & FA Cup. He will have the chance to make it a treble on Saturday as Liverpool face Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Alisson’s Gloves

Which goalkeeper do you think had the most impressive 2021/22 campaign?

Let us know your thoughts by connecting with us on our socials!

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Peter Schmeichel Makes Premier League Hall of Fame

Peter Schmeichel
Futbol61tstrabzon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Peter Schmeichel was announced today, as the first goalkeeper to make it into the Premier League Hall of Fame.

Schmeichel, along with 6 others, joined Patrick Vieira & Wayne Rooney who were the first inductees of 2022.

Amongst those 6 inducted today, were the likes of Ian Wright, Didier Drogba & Vincent Kompany.

With over 300 Premier League appearances & 128 clean sheets to his name, it came as no surprise to see ‘The Great Dane’ make this exclusive list.

In a Premier League career that spanned over 11 years, it was his perhaps his dominant displays with Manchester United in the 1990’s that earnt him most of his plaudits.

During this period, Schmeichel lifted the Premier League title an impressive 5 times, as well as earning himself a Player of the Season award in 1995/96.

He also enjoyed stints at Aston Villa and previous rivals, Manchester City towards the end of his career.

It was at Aston Villa where he joined another exclusive group, becoming 1 of only 6 goalkeepers to score a goal in the Premier League.

And who can forget his trademark “Schmeichel Star Fish” save which he used to deny strikers on many different occasions.

Schmeichel produced many iconic moments whilst playing in England’s top flight, which is why he will be remembered as one of the best.

Do any other goalkeepers deserve to join Peter Schmeichel on the list of Premier League greats?

Let us know by connecting with us on our socials!

Shop all the latest goalkeeper gloves from all the major brands, at Just Keepers. We offer the best range of goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper clothing and goalkeeper essentials anywhere in the world.

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