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Dedicated To The Fighting Spirit Of Goalkeepers

Born from the idea of a father who saw the need of his son and other goalkeepers for quality, long-lasting goalkeeper gloves, Elite Sport is proud to be a leading supplier of goalkeeper gloves since 2008.

We know from first-hand experience how frequently a parent needs to be resupplying their child with goalkeeper gloves, which is why we have designed some of the most durable products on the market today.

What enables Elite Sport to remain ahead of the competition is the award-winning technology we use to make the best material Goalkeeper Gloves possible. With this at our disposal, we remain Elite with our extreme grip and maximum durability on offer at affordable prices.

Specializing in setting the industry standard with innovations and new designs, Elite Sport is one of the most recognizable goalkeeping brands in the world today.

Elite Sport has grown to become one of the premier brands for goalkeeper products and equipment in the world. With being listed in 20+ countries and 5 continents, Elite Sport has become the number one choice for hundreds of 1st division professional goalkeepers, tens of thousands of amateur and aspiring young goalkeepers, as well as leading goalkeeper coaches.

With Elite Sport’s excellent production and design team, we have been able to deliver affordable, elite-standard goalkeeper gloves that are available for everyone.