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Gloveglu s PIRIT gloveglu original

Goalkeeper Gloves
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A new generation of gloveglu goalkeeper gloves designed for Keepers who want to take control.

SPIRIT is the Roll Finger option within the DARKSIDE range. Ideal for Keepers who prefer a wider range of latex contact with the ball and a comfortable, looser fit.

The classic white design with minimalist gloveglu branding provides a glove that looks good with any kit.

The roll finger cut gives a comfortable fit and excellent ball contact, whilst the extended wrist provides incredible comfort with the strap option for further wrist support.

gloveglu Original Palm Technology.

Colour: white/cyan


Glove sizing can vary from brand to brand and even within the same brand. Glove sizing can vary depending on the cut and specific fit of the glove.

We try to provide a size guide on each individual product page wherever we can, this can usually eb found on one of the product tabs or under the product tabs on the product page under the product images.

If no size guide is provided and sizing is a concern please contact us prior to placing your order, especially if you looking to add personalisation as all personalised goods are Non-Returnable.

If you are unsure of your size, please measure the wearers hand, from the top of tallest finger to the base of palm (where the hand meets the wrist)

Then simply call or email us with that measurement in CM and the product code of the gloves you are interested in buying, and we advise on the best size to order.

call us on 01455 233355 or email us at

GloveGlue Care Guide

The average lifespan of a pair of goalkeeper gloves is just 2/3 months.

Latex is porous which means dirt is absorbed into the material. So if you leave gloves to dry whilst containing dirt, they will become damaged and ineffective much more quickly.

That's why we advise that you wash your gloves after every use. This ensures your latex stays grippy and uncracked for longer.

Inevitably, the level of grip your gloves provides diminishes from the moment you take them out the packet. But that's where our grip sprays come in.
glovelgu Original or MEGAgrip is there to revive them and make them grippy time and time again.

Some gloves, including those with the gloveglu MEGAgrip palm & Silicone palm, come with removable plastic protection over the palm which must be removed before use.

This is often the most satisfying part of buying a new pair of gloves! But it can sometimes be tricky.

To remove, start the the bottom of the glove and pull upwards. Try to remove as much as possible in one peel.

Parts around the fingers and edges are often the hardest to remove. It may help to use tweezers, but avoid picking at the latex.

If you're still struggling, try submerging the glove into warm water - this will help loosen the film and it will become easier to peel.


The less you use your gloves, the longer they will last! That's why many goalkeepers have at least 2 pairs of gloves. One pair for training, and one pair for matches.

Once your match gloves become old and less effective over time, you may want to make them your training gloves, and buy new match gloves.

gloveglu Original is our grip spray designed for match gloves to add a little extra grip, whilst gloveglu MEGAgrip can revive old training gloves and add grip to worn gloves!

Taking off and putting on your gloves is one of the most common times the latex palm can tear.

It's important to avoid friction on the latex. When removing gloves, rather than pulling from the fingertips with the other glove, try placing the gloves under your arm and pulling your hand out.

Avoiding friction with the ground is key, particuarly on artifical turf, to prevent your latex from ripping.

After you have dived and find yourself on the floor, make a habit of pushing yourself off the ground using a fist rather than your palm.

It's important to store your gloves somewhere cool & dry. Some definite areas to avoid are: in direct sunlight, in humid areas, and on the radiator!

To keep gloves fresh, consider using a deodoriser and hanging gloves in a cool place after washing them.

Also consider how you transport your gloves. If you can keep them in a seperate glove bag within your kit bag, this will help them stay out of contact with other bits of kit which can cause damage.

The majority of goalkeeper gloves that we sell use very high quality latex palms and materials, sourced and manufactured to offer the best possible grip in all conditions. Latex is a very soft, natural product and as such is subject to wear and abrasion over time. Just Keepers Ltd and the selected brands that supply the products cannot be held accountable for wear to the palms.

Prior to use:

  • Rinse the gloves thoroughly prior to first use with clean cool/lukewarm water, this process helps rid the gloves of any impurities from the production of the latex or stitching process.

  • Please note that it may be advisable to wash the gloves more than once for maximum performance.

After use:

  • After use wash the gloves with a recommended glove wash or a mild detergent to remove any dirt from the palms and allow glove to dry naturally.

  • Do not allow the gloves to dry in a warm place or in reach of direct sunlight as this could make the latex brittle and damage the latex.

  • DO NOT DRY USING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PROCESSES: Radiator, hair dryer, airing cupboard, tumble dryer or direct sunlight.

Most latex palms will begin to show signs of wear within their first use. This is normal and can be down to many factors that may include: many variables of play e.g. (the age of goalkeeper, their technique, the playing surface, how the gloves were prepared, were the care instructions followed).
As with all soft latex goalkeeper gloves the better you care for them the more life you will get from them.
Wear to the foams usually happens when the gloves come into contact with the ground, but they can also wear from something as simple as pulling your socks up, even when putting your gloves on as most gloves use a course Velcro closure which can be prone to wearing the latex.
If your latex starts to show signs of wear, don't worry! Glove wear is normal, that's just what latex does, latex is a soft natural product which is made to provide the grip that all goalkeepers need and want!
Please note that all goalkeeper gloves will offer grip and continue to perform until there is virtually no latex left on the palms.
Deterioration will be particularly apparent during early and end of season use when the grounds are at their hardest. Do try to avoid glove contact with the ground if at all possible!
Young and inexperienced goalkeepers may also notice fast deterioration of the foam; this will become less apparent when the individual technique improves.

The majority of gloves we sell are worn by the World's best goalkeepers who play on the best surfaces with the best quality footballs, most of whom use the gloves for a maximum of 6-8 games. If this is a concern please choose an alternative flat palm style.

If any of the above is a concern do not buy the gloves. If this is a concern please choose harder wearing palms (not soft latex), which may offer better durability, however please be aware that the grip will be far inferior.

We would always advise using new gloves just for matches and an older pair for training/warm up.

The colouring on the majority of goalkeeper gloves will fade and wear during play, this can and does happen and this will not affect the performance of the product in any way.

Goalkeeper gloves are made and designed for use on soft natural surfaces like grass, unless specified in the product description (e.g. specialist 3G /astro turf palm).
Please note that when using goalkeeper gloves on an artificial surface such as 3G or astro turf - you will be placing a higher level of stress on them so stitching failure & latex wear will be more apparent than on grass.

As latex is a natural product the colour can change from usage and the washing/cleaning process, some palms may stain yellow/pink/brown from being cleaned and exposed to a heat source or natural sunlight which can change the colour of the latex, if the gloves do become discolored this will not effect the performance of the latex in anyway.

Great care should be taken when putting the gloves on and taking them off, especially lightweight & strapless styles which are now very common and popular, try and remove your hand from the gloves and not the gloves from the hand, try to put as little stress as possible on the seams, fingers and thumbs when taking your hand from your gloves, unfortunately the stitching can start to break down over time and from general wear, especially between the wrist, thumb & palm area. Please note that if gloves are significantly worn when stitching issues occur we would be unable to offer a refund or exchange, this is down to the manufacturers and Just Keepers discretion.

With both of the above glove cuts being very popular and sought after styles we must warn you that the stitched seams and fingers do come under immense stress during the course of training and match-play and Just Keepers Ltd will not offer replacements or refunds for burst seams and damaged foam around the stress areas. Gloves featuring a 'Negative Cut' palm will show wear on the fingertips and thumbs quicker than others, this is due to the way the gloves are stitched. This type of cut provides a much tighter and more natural feel on your fingers, but as a result comes under more stress.
Great care should be taken when putting the gloves on and taking them off, especially roll finger styles, try and remove your hand from the gloves and not the gloves from the hand, try to put as little stress as possible on the seams, fingers and thumbs when taking your hand from your gloves.

The new trend in the goalkeeping world is strapless/lightweight gloves, these are very sought after and popular styles with many of our customers.
Please note that these types of gloves are very slim/tight fitting and is made to fit as close to the skin as possible and can be tight around the wrist and base of the hand area.
Unfortunately this will make the gloves more prone to stitching faults as they are more difficult to get on and too get off, especially after use when the hands are hot and sweaty etc.
Please take extreme caution and as much care as possible when removing these types of gloves from your hands, try and remove your hand from the gloves and not the gloves from the hand.
Try to put as little stress as possible on the seams, and the added stress areas, where the palm is stitched to the gloves, the thumb area, and the finger gussets.If this style of glove is a concern please choose an alternative style/model or contact us before purchase and we can help with any other questions you may have.

Please take great care when removing the plastic film from the palms of goalkeeper gloves.
We appreciate that this can be a tedious process but removing the film as carefully as possible is key so you do not knick or damage any bits of latex.
Please do not remove the film from the palms unless you are keeping the gloves, as once the film is removed from the palms we are unable to offer a refund or an exchange if the gloves do not fit or are unsuitable etc.




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Please note that international customers outside of the UK may be required by their Country to pay duties & taxes before they receive their package.
The duty and tax charge is calculated by the total value of the Just Keepers sales receipt/invoice.
These rates can vary by country and are out of our control.

Please be aware of these potential charges before completing your purchase, as it is not included with your Just Keepers merchandise and shipping charges.


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We recommend that you send your return on a trackable service. We cannot be held responsible for items lost or delayed in transit on the way back to us.

Personalised Goods

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund or exchange any products that have been personalised.
This includes gloves with removable straps, as the brands do not supply us with spare straps and also as each strap is made to fit the size ordered and will not fit with new smaller/larger sizes.

This also includes apparel/garments or gloves personalised with a number one.