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GK Workout DVD

Richard Lee (Brentford FC & Former England u21) has developed a workout structured to benefit Goalkeepers the world over.

Richard is incredibly passionate about Goalkeeping, he has played games in the English Premier league the English Championship & Leaguwe 1, at the age of 30 he has amassed more that 150 games in the top two flights of English football.

Richard has put together the idea of incorporating a physical workout, tailored especially for goalkeepers that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

There is nothing quite like this out there, sure there are many DVD’s that can offer drills that require equipment and other people’s time etc but this offer’s anyone the chance to improve their game at any given time needing only a DVD player and a small amount of space.

The DVD itself has been broken up into 6 sections- Warm up, shot stopping, Distribution, Cross taking, Goalkeeping fitness and a flexibility section, each one carefully compiled to bring out the best in you and all vital in a Keeper’s armoury.  Richard, in his spare time studies much on the subject of psychology and knows much about the idea of imagery, practiced the world over by some of the biggest sporting stars on the planet.

This workout is designed with that in mind, follow him in drills that will improve your power output, improve muscle memory on basic and advanced technical movements and within a short space of time you will feel your game and confidence levels hit new heights, the question really is, can you afford not to have this DVD?

GK Workout DVD

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