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Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

With passion for sports Reusch keeps focusing its strengths on the development of professional gloves. As a global acting sports glove supplier with German roots we’re concentrating on different elements interacting with each other.

Tradition is one key element of Reusch. Since 1934, for us tradition means transferring knowledge and experience from the past to the present. Tradition is development; it’s the reflection of success! From then till now. Knowledge is our engine of progress. Analyzing the market, foreseeing trends, and understanding the customer needs - all this mixed with fresh team spirit ends up in outstanding sports gloves for amateurs and professionals.

Guided by tradition and powered by knowledge we focus one direction: forwards! Movement is evolvement! Keeping in mind where we come from, we are sure about where to go. Flexibility and innovation are our companions on the way forward. We adapt to changes, reflect our strengths and open our eyes for what comes next. We keep moving! And so do our products.

Reusch – Love your sport!

Designed for quality and comfort, it’s no wonder that they are worn by top goalies including Inter Milan keeper Samir Handanovic and Spain’s Diego Lopez. Offering the latest technologies including finger and thumb protection with its unique ortho-tec system. Reusch Gloves offer superior grip with the latest palm technologies that include G3 for unrivalled grip on natural surfaces and the AX2 foam that is designed for non-slip grip in the rain, for more durable gloves look out for the R3 range made for durability and grip.Buy now at Just Keepers for next day delivery on all Reusch Goalie gloves.


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