Premier Sock Tape PST Sock Taping Kit

Premier Sock Tape Sock Taping Kit

Ever wondered how Pro Footballers get their socks to come up so high above the knee?

Ever wanted to know why so many professional footballers cut the foot off of their match socks? Well here is an answer that you can use every week …… The PST Sock Taping Kit.

Apart from being rough on the foot, and too thin, a nylon sock has a tendency to slip inside a modern football boot.

By adding pure combed cotton to the foot in a unique design we at Premier Sock Tape have managed to produce a crew cut sock that not only gives extra grip inside the boot but also offers unparalleled levels of comfort;

And because of the new FIFA law about players tape and under socks having to be the same colour we have kept the comfort a secret from the referee buy keeping the cotton well below the boot line.

Our crew sock is only the first step in using our Sock Taping kit;

the next stage is our “Leg Tube” that is identical in colour to the crew sock.

Just slip the Leg Tube over your foot as usual, slip in your shin pad and fold down to meet the crew sock.

All that is left to do is use the Premier Sock Tape or Pro Wrap 7.5 to joint the two together and Bobs your Uncle, you have the comfort of a cotton foot with the extra length of the nylon Leg Tube.

It works for the professionals so why not let it work for you?

PST Sock Taping Kit

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